Our Process

Over the years, we have encountered many hurdles one must overcome. We have honed our process through learning and understanding so our clients get the best service possible.
Our Process at Thames Collective is clear and helpful. Thank you Antoni Shkraba for the image.
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Start with a foundation

For us to get an idea of the project, we will conduct meetings and calls.
Initial meeting or phone call
Creating an online space to share notes and thoughts
Getting to know each other is key to a rewarding relationship
Reviewing previous designs and builds to help learn



Exploring your options

By reviewing best-in-class examples, we can target achievable goals.
We love creating mood boards to help define an initial idea
Using a wealth of resources to search for similar businesses
Understanding what the client likes and dislikes
Identifying the fundamental issues you're trying to improve
Is there a problem that needs solving
Grainy mesh gradients by Charco Design.
Grainy mesh gradients by Charco Design.



Building a solid base

Tools such as Figma will help us map out a project structure.
User flow journey to help visualise your customers' experience
Wireframing to ensure all information needed is taken into consideration
Organising existing content and preparing for future content
Choosing the correct tools for the job



Adding some identity

Our design team will help create a strong brand identity.
Reviewing your previous designs, if any
Identifying strong themes and imagery to help boost your brand
A-B testing to quickly understand what customers relate to
Grainy mesh gradients by Charco Design.
Grainy mesh gradients by Charco Design.



Longevity in mind

Structuring an efficient & scalable solution to your project needs.
Solving future issues before they arrive
Thoroughly testing on all devices
Organising information and data so that it is viewable and easily edited



Expansion and reinforcement

Ensuring business growth and customer satisfaction.
Support packages available just in case
Keeping everything up to date is vital for security and speed
Newsletters, advertising, and marketing to help drive the audience
Need more? We'll be happy to help
Grainy mesh gradients by Charco Design.

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