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A business website for London-based specialists in energy and battery technology investments. We created this website whilst working closely with their design team.
We wanted to keep the logo in tune with the current technology that this client works in. The digital feel is befitting the field the client specialises in.
The theme of this website was technology, so we used imagery with sharp edges and bright colours with a slanted border.
Showing a dashboard on the frontend of your website is a great way to give your visitors some vital information.
You are displaying your projects in a grid, a neat way to show your customers.
Website links don't have to be boring.
Keeping your website visitors up to date with your social feed is excellent. We have incorporated it into the footer.
The website is fully responsive. We are proud with the result.
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A website homepage should have enough whitespace for the content to flow correctly.
An about page on your website should be informative and use imagery correctly.
You can have project templates for your website that can alter the content.